January 12, 2023 2 min read


Have you set any new environmental goals for your business this year? We're already at the midway point of January and we all know how easily the year can run away! Making specific and measurable goals around sustainability is the only way to ensure change happens within your organisation, and your efforts will benefit the health of your people, the planet, and your business.


It's important as a business to understand that sustainable and ethical practices aren't just about the environment. Forward thinking companies are aware now that they must consider all aspects and impacts of 'ESG' – Environmental, Social and latest Government policies can form part of your brand story and help hospitality organisations to stand out.


The 'E' - covers Carbon Emissions, Energy Usage, Biodiversity Loss/Gain, Pollution, Water Usage and Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability.

The 'S' - considers Health & Safety, Human Rights and Community, Labour Standards, Customer Responsibility and Supply Chain Social Responsibility.

The 'G' - is for Governance and criteria includes Corporate Governance, Anti-Corruption, Tax Transparency and Risk Management.


Planning a sustainable strategy is by no means a small task but it's one, that as an aspirational business, you simply cannot ignore. Our advice is to start by identifying the biggest area of sustainable impact for your business and have an individual or even a team of people responsible for leading or 'championing' the change within your organisation.


Today’s hotel guests, restaurant patrons, and event organisers care about sustainability and the environment. They want to know that the companies they give their business to follow planet-conscious and socially sound practices that do not harm people or wildlife. 


Action points to include in your plan:

  • Commit to continually improving sustainability across the business.
  • Ensure leadership is engaged and aware of both the challenges and opportunities.
  • Involve all departments of the business.
  • Determine accountability.
  • Involve customers and key stakeholders where appropriate.
  • Quantify and measure your outcomes.
  • Take a scientific but also holistic approach!

We work with brands as trusted advisors every step of the journey towards becoming a beyond sustainable organisation. From high level consultancy to identify the gaps in your strategy to designing and delivering bespoke programmes and initiatives that will fill them.

Working in partnership with sustainability experts from our sister company RoundTable Global we will work with you to create a powerful strategy for triple-bottom-line reporting.


Doing well by doing good and working towards restoring and rejuvenating the global eco-system.

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