September 20, 2022 3 min read


Who is Beyond Bamboo and how can we help your business?
Beyond Bamboo works in partnership with business clients to understand specific needs around ethical
and sustainable sourcing and create bespoke procurement catalogues. Our consultancy service helps
organisations to easily become as planet conscious as possible, in every area of their business. We have
helped a global hotel chain switch over to sustainable children’s amenities and are consulting and
sourcing for another international hospitality group on a complete fit and supply of a new hotel for planet
conscious products.
All sellers on the marketplace have met an important set of essential criteria which we have developed
with Ethical Consumer to ensure their green and altruistic practices and products. Ethical Consumer
have been at the heart of the ethical consumer movement since 1989 and help organisations and
individuals by providing the tools and resources needed to make ethical choices simple, informed and
We pride ourselves that our brand partners are efficiently fulfilling orders with as little impact on the
planet as possible, taking responsibility for their supply chain and providing great working environments
for their people. We are all starting to understand the importance of creating less waste, consuming less
toxins and supporting local brands in order to make a positive difference to our world. Beyond
Bamboo helps your business make good choices by ensuring that only fully vetted brands make it into
our catalogues.
Having access to this support from our dedicated team provides your business with huge benefits such
as time and cost savings researching the very best products available, trusted eco-branding
opportunities - more and more important for increasing numbers of decerning customers, and gets your
company ahead of the game when it comes to future environmental policy changes.

Tiffany Kelly, Founder and CEO of Beyond Bamboo.
Tiffany's personal lifestyle was what initially inspired her to create this female led marketplace and
business to business consultancy and procurement service. She values collaboration and is passionate
about purposeful change which supports planetary health, local communities, and business prosperity.
“It's our job at Beyond Bamboo to make sure that inspiration and innovation is out there and accessible
to help businesses make informed and reliable sustainable choices” - Tiffany Kelly.

We remove doubt and fear and assist you on your journey to becoming a planet conscious business. The
process is simple. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. We source, vet and negotiate to find the
most innovative sustainable and ethical products out there for your business.
“We can do all of that work for you. We take time to understand what your business is trying to achieve,
what your needs and objectives are and then we come to you with a with a fully strategised plan for
sustainable change”. Tiffany Kelly
In knowing that the brands we work with are doing the absulote best they can for the planet, people and
wellbeing, Beyond Bamboo believes that companies can move towards business practices that are
regenerative for our planet. It's really important for is to know the story behind the brands and the
products so that our clients can be confident that there's no greenwashing going on. We
work closely with our sellers and clients to ensure we are continually evolving our knowledge and
business practices and supporting the whole community.

Ulpa Chauhan, B2B Director at Beyond Bamboo

"Sustainability is not a new term but we want to be pioneers in making this a space that is innovative and
creative. What's really exciting is how much of an impact and change this is going to have to the world,
as a whole. It's absolutely huge and really exciting to be a part of that kind of movement." - Ulpa

Because we know that you care about where you source your products from, we have created a
bespoke responsible sourcing service with the largest range of planet conscious products in the world.
We will work with you to bring awareness and change and ensure your supply chain is as planet
conscious as possible, so that you can concentrate on making your business flourish.
Find out more www.beyondbamboo-b2b.com