May 18, 2023 3 min read



At Beyond Bamboo we undertsand that just being sustainable is no longer enough...

We need to put more into our planet than we take from it, and go beyond sustainability to restore and rejuvenate the planet. Our planet conscious procurement services assist the hospitality industry in building and developing local supply chains with full transparency on product lifecycle. With global expertise we offer a trusted partnership your business can rely on and we are commited to supporting the hospitality industry on the pathway to net positive. 

"Token gestures towards being a sustainable organisation are no longer enough. Customer loyalty is built and sustained through measurable action, brands need to go beyond sustainability to restore and rejuvenate the planet'. Tiffany Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO

We are supporting The Hospitality Alliance's 5 Year Net Positive Strategy published at their summit earlier this week - it's vision: 'A prosperous and responsible hospitality sector that gives back to the destination more than it takes'.

Together we are an essential part of the pathway to net positive solution for hospitality and Beyond Bamboo Global are currently the only planet conscious procurement specialist in the world that only offers sustainable products. 

We are bringing a brand new rating and credit system focused on rewarding positive impact and behaviours towards Environmental and Social change and Governance compliance to the industry.

Here are some important facts regarding ESG for the Hospitality Industry -


The hospitality industry contributes roughly 1% of global carbon emissions. It needs to reduce its emissions by 66% by 2030, and 90% by 2050 (versus 2010 levels) to ensure that the growth forecast for the industry does not lead to a corresponding increase in carbon emissions.

UNDP Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production  

How we help 

Reducing waste through Planet Conscious Procurement. Reducing harmful chemicals and processes which negatively impact biodiversity via the supply chain, in production, packaging and transportation.

It is predicted by Statistica that by the end of next year the hospitality industry will have over a million further registered rooms world-wide taking the total to approximately 17 million. Imagine just how many amenities for bedroom and bathroom that means everyday. 

"Our clients are having a profound impact on waste, the use of plastic, co’2 emissions, and the carbon footprint of the guests based on our recommendations of product selection & supply reduction".  Jacqui Hamlin, Co-Founder Chief Innovation Officer

At Beyond Bamboo we locally source, where possible, products and vet suppliers in accordance with our bespoke rigorous quality assurance rating system which aligns with our 4 Pillars of People, Planet, Projects and Progression.


Social responsibility means more than caring for the environment. It means caring for people and communities too. That makes sense as a hotelier. Your community makes your locality great and entices travelers to visit. Create initiatives or programs that give back to the community you love. 

How we help 

Creating positive social currency that influences change.

"Hotels can have a profound impact by disclosing their environmental metrics, social impact initiatives, and their progress towards sustainability goals". Ulpa Chauhan, Chief Solutions Officer

Our ESG credit system supports you to take you beyond your ESG goals.

Your credits are an investment into the environment, local communities and projects that have a direct and global impact. In addition, our ESG credit system generates a qualitative and quantitative measure that can be shared with key stakeholders, customers, and your peers. Transparent reporting enhances credibility, allows stakeholders to assess performance and encourages continuous improvement. 


This is your business’s internal system of practices, controls, and procedures which helps an organisation govern itself, make effective decisions, comply with the law, and meet the needs of external stakeholders.

By integrating governance practices focused on sustainability, you can foster a culture of responsible and sustainable operations.

"Through our planet conscious procurement and our ESG credit system you will ensure that you not only comply with regional and global legislation but go beyond what is considered current best practice". Simone Mundy-Clowry, Chief Operations Officer


So how do we work with you?

Simply put we have 3 offerings. Our planet conscious consulting, our sustainable procurement platform for all your purchasing needs, which in turn gives you access to our ESG credit system, and our rating system, helping you to qualify where you are on your journey towards sustainability.

Contact our team today to find out more and wherever you are on your journey to Net Positive, let us support you and your organisation.