December 19, 2022 2 min read


Sometimes when starting on the journey to becoming a more sustainable business it can be hard to 'see the wood for the trees', you may well get bogged down in the details of making swaps to plastic-free products for example without really considering the larger picture and considering what you even need?

Unless you are able to take the time and resources to research in-depth - your actual product requirements, the manufacturing process, the logistics, the packaging, and the suppliers' ethos which then considers the whole supply chain – even with all the best intentions you are likely to easily get caught out by greenwashing claims without realising it!

And then there's the important issue of reducing your waste. There is traditionally a lot of waste generated in the world of hospitality and this has to change. Finding the best suppliers which offer the products and services you require that also has a circular model which provides a lifecycle again for the product and packaging once you have finished with it.

Then there's the local factor. We're starting to realise that supporting the people chain in your local economy has huge value and benefits. How can you best source your products locally which of course helps to mitigate risks in supply and demand, but also helps local communities thrive and reduces the carbon emissions from the business process?

There is so much to think about and of course, the landscape is constantly changing. New technologies are being developed, and old traditional eco-friendly manufacturing processes are being rediscovered to help solve many problems facing the environment today. Is your business able to keep up with the fast pace of these changes and demonstrate adaptability to the very best innovative and creative products coming to market?

If you want to ensure that your business is one step ahead, and really leading the way to go beyond sustainability Beyond Bamboo's Procurement Service can support your sustainability strategy by finding you the very best options for the products your business requirements to help attract the growing number of environmentally conscious customers traveling today for business and pleasure. This will allow your team the time to manage and market your business knowing that you have sourced the very best planet conscious products out there to serve your business needs.