2-in-1 For 'All Hair Types'


Sizes: small - 38g, large - 85g  

A simple to use, time-saving and cost effective Luxury 2 in 1 Bar of Shampoo and Hair Conditioner. 

These shampoo and conditioner bars are available in two popular natural scents, Sweet Orange or a Frankincense blend.

Essentially, the foaming shampoo surfactants and the cationic conditioning ingredients have been taken as a basis to formulate the most exceptional 2-in-1 bars that are not only luxurious and convenient but also save on time, water and money.

To these, humectants have been added to create moisture, Cetrimonium chloride to protect from heated appliances and reduce build up, Oat protein to strengthen hair and Pro-vitamin B5 for hydration, volume and shine.

- Quick and easy to use

- Suitable for all hair types, even colour treated hair

- Salon approved with foam booster for hard water areas

- SLS free and paraben free

- Small bars up to 20 washes, large bars up to 35 washes