Bamboo Lunch Box


Come in packs of 6

A stylish and eco-friendly lunch box made from recycled bamboo and bamboo fibres. The ideal accessory to take your lunch or snacks to the office or to school. 

The bamboo used to make this lunch box is sourced from sustainable and managed plantations and since bamboo grows so quickly it's a great alternative to sandwich bags another plastic storage containers. 

The lid has a unique strap system that holds the lid tightly closed and with a seal around the edges, it is sure to keep your food fresh and inside until you're ready to munch it! Easy to open it's suitable for all ages including children, older people and anyone else.

Material: The lunch box has a solid bamboo lid and the box is made from recycled bamboo fibre.

Each lunch box is BPA free and conforms to EU standards. 

Dimensions: L: 20cm x W: 12cm x H 8.5cm