Forest Friendly Paper Towels

Quantity in Pack

These 2 ply sheets can handle spills and messes form countertops to cubicles to wiping the dusty corner of that room you never go in. A blend of bamboo and sugarcane (bagasse) is used to make these 2 ply rolls extra strong and absorbent. Bagasse is a byproduct of sugarcane processing and is considered to be 'waste'. Rather than burning or burying the bagasse (which is often the case), it's been upcycled into the paper towels. Upcycling for the win!

Come in quantities of 6 rolls.

- Each double length roll has 120 sheets

- Sheets are 22.8cm (9") x 22.5cm (8.9")

- 2 ply biodegradable

- No inks, dyes or scents