Interdental Brush


Interdental Brush - come in quantities of 360

The BPA-free bristles on the interdental brush gently capture and remove the nasties hiding between your teeth, while the bamboo handle ensures steady handling, as well as some breathing room for mother nature. This stylish alternative, with a handle from 100% sustainably grown bamboo and with quality nylon bristles, provides an easy and practical alternative to flossing.

Available in a range of sizes, with 6 interdental brushes per pack.

Size Guide:
Size 0 - 0.40mm (Purple)
Size 1 - 0.45mm (Orange)
Size 2 - 0.50mm (Red)
Size 3 - 0.60mm (Blue)
Size 4 - 0.70mm (Yellow)
Size 5 - 0.80mm (Green)