Luxury Conditioner

Hair Type

Sizes: small - 38g, large - 80g

This Luxury vegan hair conditioner bar detangles your hair while giving it incredible slip and shine. Oat protein, plant keratins, Pro-Vitamin B5 and vegan silicon alternatives have been combined for all the benefits of liquid conditioner with none of the downsides. This solid hair conditioner bar is created in the UK with ingredients that are 100% natural, additionally this conditioner bar has scented essential oil to leave a refreshing scent so that your hair not only feels and looks great but also smells gorgeous.

Sweet Orange - sweet orange essential oil

Herbal - refreshing six herbal essential oil blend, including Rosemary, Bergamot and Eucalyptus

Botanical - a calming essential oil blend of geranium and patchouli

Woodland - a calming, earthy, woody essential oil blend with vetiver and patchouli

- Cationic hair conditioner bar 
- Salon approved
- Small bars up to 25 washes, large bars up to 45 washes
- Can also be used as a shaving soap bar for both face and body
- Plastic free and zero waste
- SLS, silicone and paraben free
- Cruelty free
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegan