Luxury Shampoo

Hair Type

Sizes: small - 38g, large - 80g

This solid luxury vegan bar of shampoo will give you everything you love about liquid shampoo but without the plastic bottle. Oat protein and plant-based silicon alternatives with Pro-Vitamin B5 have been combined for a gentle and nourishing cleanse, leaving your hair soft and shiny. All ingredients are 100% natural - this shampoo has scented essential oil to leave a refreshing scent to your hair leaving it incredibly soft, shiny and free from build-up.

Sweet Orange - sweet orange essential oil

Herbal - refreshing six herbal essential oil blend, including Rosemary, Bergamot and Eucalyptus

Botanical - the calming essential oil blend of geranium and patchouli

Woodland - calming, earthy, woody essential oil blend with Vetiver and Patchouli

-  These shampoo bars are safe for coloured hair and all types

-  A fully pH balanced solid bar shampoo

-  Salon approved with ‘Easy foam’ for hard water foaming

-  A plastic free and zero waste bar shampoo

-  SLS and paraben free

-  Cruelty free planet friendly shampoo bar

-  Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

-  Small shampoo bars up to 20 washes, large shampoo bars up to 35 washes