Mask Filter Pack

The Filter Pack are replacement filters for for the reusable mask (50 filters in a pack, come in packs of 10)

Powerful filtration performance
The filter inside has a filtration efficiency of over 94%, which is equivalent to FFP2 standards. Third-party testing also shows pressure drop to be at least 35% lower than certification standards, making sure they are highly breathable.

Ground-breaking manufacturing technologies
Proprietary filtration technology is centred on a unique method of high-voltage electrospinning. Compared with meltblown fibres, which are used to make the majority of face masks currently available, the electrospinning process is able to create a structured membrane consisting of extremely fine nano-fibres (up to 1,000 times narrower than a human hair) dispersed with extreme precision for maximum efficiency.

Advanced protection 
The greater surface area of nano-fibres, coupled with the uniform distribution achieved through the electrospinning technique, results in far superior filtration material that protects against viruses and captures pollutants, dust, pollen and bacteria. The result is clean air, without breathing restrictions or unpleasant humidity.

Better for the planet
Not only are they made using recycled materials that can be re-recycled when it’s time to dispose of them, the replaceable filters are bio-based, made from a biodegradable polymer.