Toothbrush (multipack) - Bamboo


ABOUT: Perfect for the family, trips away or for when you simply can’t choose your favourite. There is a variety of multipacks ranging from all natural to family favourites, each multipack contains four toothbrushes.

PACK SIZE: 4 toothbrushes in a pack...

  • Stupendously Soft - green, red, natural, yellow (soft bristles)
  • Marvellous Mix - natural, yellow, white, blue (medium bristles)
  • Fabulous Four - green, black, white, natural (firm bristles)
  • Purely Natural - two natural bamboo infused bristles and two charcoal infused bristles
  • Fantastic Family - two adult medium bristle toothbrushes and two child soft bristle toothbrushes

PACKAGING: Wrapped in recycled paper and a recycled kraft cardboard box, and is biodegradable

MATERIAL: The handle is made of bamboo and can be composted without the bristles. A natural resin paint is used, a type of plant based paint. The bristles in the toothbrushes are made of recyclable nylon, with 63% plant-based material.

MOQ: 100

COMPANY BASED IN: United Kingdom