Teak Leaf Leather Coin Purse

Chestnut Brown
Dark Lavender
Coral Pink
Leaf Green
Cinnamon Orange
Berry Red

Available as straight edge or mini - come in packs of 8

For that stunning leaf leather coin purse that’s great for keeping your coins safe and secure when going out and about! These stylish environmentally friendly leaf leather straight edge or mini coin purses will make an amazing present for any occasion or even a fabulous gift for yourself – you’ve definitely earned that added bit of luxury in your life. As it’s sustainably produced there’s no need to feel guilty! 

They are vegan and produced sustainably in the UK and crafted by hand by our team of specialists. The leaf leather in our products is harvested from fallen teak leaves, which are then dried and naturally dyed in a variety of colours. As no two leaves are the same, so will every leaf leather coin bag, due to gorgeous natural variations in textures and patterns which add to the charm. So, for that extra-special one-of-a-kind gift your loved one will cherish – look no further!

Straight Edge Dimensions: 11cm x 11.9cm x 2.4cm
Mini Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm x 2.7cm