Our Carbon Neutral Commitment and How it Supports our Strategy to Net Zero

January 31, 2024 2 min read

Our Carbon Neutral Commitment and How it Supports our Strategy to Net Zero

Post COP28 the Beyond Bamboo team has been setting out 2024 commitments for creating more impactful planet-conscious change within our organisation and our value chains.

Our first commitment of 2024 is to become a Carbon Neutral business with the help of Carbon Neutral Britain™

We have chosen Carbon Neutral Britain carefully and we are aware of the importance of our wider Sustainability Strategy which considers our value chain and continued reduction of emissions in Scope 1, 2, and 3. For every business in the world, we have entered a time of transformation and change to protect and reverse the damage of past generations and the effect it has had on the natural environment and within communities around the globe. We are journeying together to learn, experiment, collaborate, and grow into best practices that support the reduction year on year of carbon emissions. Having the plan to reduce our CO2e emissions will create positive knock-on impacts on other sustainability concerns that we all need to be aware of, and should not be ignored. We are starting with Carbon Neutrality in our ambitions and actions to further create more sustainability and resilience in other areas such as biodiversity loss, ocean pollution, water scarcity, and social inequality. 

This particular scheme has gold-standard credentials and allows us to effectively start. And that is often the hardest thing for an organisation to do. Step one is always going to be to calculate your Carbon Footprint. To become certified as a Carbon Neutral Business with Carbon Neutral Britain™ we are required to calculate our organisations emissions, following the ISO 14064 and GHG Emissions Protocol Accounting Standard - the largest and most widely used corporate standards - used by businesses globally. This will allow us to create a reduction plan and actions throughout the year, and each year on the road to Net Zero.

We agree that whilst measuring and reducing emissions are most vital - Carbon Offsetting is a Proactive Approach to environmental action, reversing the impact of emissions created now.

UN IPCC studies have highlighted the importance of businesses making a difference in the next 5 years before changes to the climate are irreversible, and so by Carbon Offsetting & becoming Carbon Neutral, businesses are doing their part for the planet now - when it is the most important.

We are committed to using our calculations for residual carbon offsets - those emissions that cannot be cut from our value chain in that year with an active plan in place for reduction and continued improvement. 

All of the carbon offsetting projects supported by Carbon Neutral Britain are verified to the highest standards via the three largest Carbon Certifications in the world - the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER), and the United Nations Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes.

Regulated, verified, and third-party audited, the international carbon credits used are the same as those used by multinational organisations, and even countries in their emission reduction schemes around the world - we are confident that we are supporting vital projects, with accurate emissions reductions.

Higher than most charities, they ensure 80% of the subscription budget goes directly towards tree planting and offsetting projects.