June 26, 2023 2 min read


If you are part of a Sustainability Strategy Team or Supply Change Management Team within a hotel that knows it needs to make ethical and environmentally friendly changes to their products and services, we know that you're dealing with many challenges. Managing supply chains, ensuring accuracy, data requirements, and adhering to global regulations and compliance is a complex role to fulfil and so gaining expert help from a procurement agency that specialises in staying up-to-date with the technical advances in sustainability and is able to support your team in adapting to changing customer and regulatory demands, can be a game changer.


Maintaining quality standards is crucial for your brand to provide an exceptional guest experience. Also, ensuring the authenticity and quality of operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) can be time consuming and difficult for you to source genuine and high - quality items, especially when looking to establish a new product or service. Choosing the most sustainable products and services available to offer your guests presents a huge opportunity (to set new standards and lead the way), whilst helping your customers to understand the importance of choosing wisely themselves for their self care products, foods and amenities.


Companies that don't adapt will go bankrupt without question” - Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance.


We understand the need for products to be luxurious and that making changes to your supply chain may present problems and implications for procurement of OS&E. High import duties, fluctuating exchange rates, and limited availability of certain products can significantly affect the cost of procurement. Moreover, striving to maintain a balance between cost-effectiveness and maintaining your brand image.


Beyond Bamboo can support your team with this time consuming and in depth piece of work of choosing and implementing reliable, accredited and fully vetted sustainable swaps and changes within your hotel. We assist and consult with your Supply Chain Management team and provide access to our dedicated 100% sustainable and ethical catalogue and can also bespoke source products and services for you providing you with a dynamic procurement solution. We do the research with credible and reliable suppliers for you to choose from based on your needs and your requirements. We organise samples and manage the orders for you. We ensure the products are shipped to you in the most sustainable and energy efficient way and where possible, we set up contracts for you with local suppliers to minimise risk whilst supporting your local economy and maintaining the luxury, feel and experience for your guests.


Our goals are:

  • Creating the world’s largest, fully vetted portfolio of planet conscious products
  • Building and developing sustainable supply chains in jurisdictions where none exist
  • Educating and supporting our clients and suppliers on their journey to becoming responsible businesses
  • Assessing our clients and awarding sustainable choices with ESG credits that support global and local community projects


Contact us to discuss your hotel's sustainability plans and find out more about how we can add value to your procurement function.