February 15, 2023 2 min read


We are all on the same journey to a more socially and environmentally just world. More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of their well-being and self care and how this plays a role in becoming more sustainable in our own personal lives, but also the effect that has on a global scale. By supporting local businesses with ethics at their core we in turn support communities to thrive, and the natural world we live in to rejuvenate.

We know that many more consumers are buying products and services which have thought through their impact on people and planet and have created a culture around innovation and best practice to continually improve. And these companies place their values and the communication of their principles above profit, often giving back to projects which support change for good.

The procurement of products and services in your business and the way you present them to your guests is part of the education and raising of awareness that needs to continue to grow. The hospitality industry is in a prime position to introduce new products to people, and get them thinking about the effect the products they use have on their well-being. Also important is the impact they have as consumers to help make a difference to others and the environment. Whether its reducing single use plastic in favour of compostable, refillable and recyclable packaging; choosing natural products over ones which contain chemicals harmful to our health and the health of our waterways, oceans and wildlife; or choosing technologies which help conserve energy.

Your position to spread a message and help educate a person each time they stay with you is powerful!

The role your team plays in this is also important. The decisions you make around well-being and sustainability in your organisation should have the support of your people. It is a good idea to always include your staff in any new initiatives you implement to support well-being and more sustainable business practices. If your team doesn't feel supported or agree with your message, then they are not going to want to communicate it to your customers and this really is where the real benefit comes from. If your people are engaged and love the products you promote, this authenticity will shine through and it will be felt as a luxurious and welcoming experience that they will want to positively review, repeat again and tell all their friends about!

Beyond Bamboo is a next-generation sustainability platform transforming the hospitality industry to one that is more planet-conscious. Our rigorous quality assurance system is transforming businesses worldwide into “beyond” sustainable ones. We offer a bespoke responsible sourcing service with the largest range of planet-conscious products in the world. We will work with you to ensure your supply chain is as ethical and sustainable as possible so that you can concentrate on making your business flourish.


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