Baby Natural Solid Shampoo and All-Over Wash

Need a gentle, cleansing, yet non-drying shampoo and all-over wash for your little one? Look no further: our Calendula shampoo doubles as cleanser and will gently wash your bubba head to toe. Recommended for kids under 5 years of age.

Contains cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, calendula (marigold) extract and German chamomile essential oil (sweet and herbal scent), gentle naturally derived cleansers and skin-soothing betaine.

Usage Instructions: Wet baby's hair/body thoroughly, then glide the bar through their hair/skin or bubble up in your hands and massage. Then rinse. As is a concentrate, only a small amount is needed to create lather.

Store in a dry place after use.

100 g, replaces about 350 ml of liquid shampoo.