Bamboo Wet wipe

• 100%Bamboo Topsheet: All bamboo nonwoven are with FSC certificate which can be fully biodegradable.

•  Earth-Friendly: Wipes are made from bamboo to make it 100% biodegradable.


• Fresh & Moist & Unscented:  It’s an unscented and 99.5% water formula and can be directly used for the baby’s skin.

• Pure & Safe Structure: Fragrance-free. No toxic and heavy metals used in production.


• 0% Perfume: Our wipes do not contain any fragrance. Not only wipes the baby's butt, but also gently cleans hands and face.


•  Sensitive & Caring: are safely prepared for the sensitive skin of your baby. They are as gentle as lint and water, making them suitable for use from birth.