bath crumbles

Just add 3 Tablespoons to running bath water and watch the lovely bubbles erupt in your bath.

Come in cases of 3


- A lovely pot of Alien fragrance bath crumble. 

Blue Fairie - A lovely pot of Blue Fairie fragrance bath crumble.

Flower Bomb - A lovely pot of Flower Bomb bath crumble, similar in fragrance to Victor & Rolf. 

Unicorn - A lovely pot of Unicorn colours of pink, orange and purple bath crumble.

Forever - A lovely pot of  bath crumble with a fragrance similar to Kelvin Kline Eternity. Sprinkled with biodegradable glitter and a pink dried rose bud.

Allie - Beautiful sweet scented Allie. A lovely pot of pink bath crumble with sugar balls.

No5 - A lovely pot of bath crumble with the beautiful scent of No5 similar fragrance, with biodegradable gold glitter to add sparkle along with the lovely bubbles.

Midnight Fantasy - A lovely pot of pink  bath crumble with sugar sprinkles, with a similar scent to Britney Spears fragrance.