Bio Washroom Cleaner

Our Bio Washroom Cleaner combines biodegradable surfactants, water softeners, fresh fragrance and microbial technology to leave all washroom surfaces sparkling clean. It contains naturally occurring microbes that penetrate hard-to-reach areas and porous surfaces, to digest hidden organic matter and uric salts. It is effective for cleaning, refreshing, and deodorising, by destroying the source of the bad smells. Containing 125million active bacteria per gram, our Bio Washroom Cleaner is one of the most powerful washroom cleaners available.

✓  safe on glass and all washroom surfaces
✓  citrus fresh
✓  friendly bacteria removes odours
✓  microbes continue to work after application
✓  safe for use with septic tanks
✓  cleans pipes and drain lines
✓  readily biodegradable
✓  phosphate and phosphonate free
✓  reduced use of hazardous substances
✓  not tested on animals

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