Bowl (Pet) - Guest Room / Guest Request Items (BBSS0235 and BBSS0236)


ABOUT: These two porcelain bowls for dry and wet food (or water) are fixed on a solid base. The special thing is that this feeding station is "jacked up", raised about 10 cm from the ground. This allows dogs to eat better or without effort. The dog cannot detach the bowls from the base when eating, but for the purpose of cleaning, the bowls can be easily lifted off the base by humans. The wood is permanently protected against dirt and moisture by multiple treatments with olive oil.


  • Each pet bowl can hold 0.9L, and has a diameter of 17.5cm
  • The base is approx. 40-45cm long and approx. 15cm wide
  • The 4 feet on the underside of the base have a height of approx. 8.5cm

PACKAGING: Items are shipped in used boxes

MATERIAL: Bowls are made from porcelain, and the stand is made from olive wood, treated with olive oil, while the 4 feet are made from solid beech wood and are black lacquered

MOQ: 1


COUNTRIES SHIPPED TO: United Kingdom and Europe

SUPPLIER: Greenpicks Upcycling Market