Brightening! Boost Face Serum

BRIGHTENING! Boost Face Serum - comes in 30ml bottles

This seaweed derived, brightening serum with an advanced, multi weighted, 2% hyaluronic acid, blend is the ultimate skin refresher. A refreshing 4-in-1 serum: it hydrates, tones, primes and sets make up for a complexion that looks healthy and glowing all day. Fortified with antioxidants to protect from external damaging factors plus three forms of algae, vitamin C and potent 'dragons blood' (from Africa's Croton Lechleri tree), they combine to form a protective film over skin, minimising the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Prime, set and refresh your face with one formula for a complexion de-stressing delivery to your skin that'll leave it plump and glowing.