Bug Repellent

Sizes: tube - 46g, bar - 71g

This Luxury Lemongrass vegan insect repellent provides natural DEET free protection against gnats, midges, mosquitoes, noseeums, horse flies and sand flies. As a natural insect repellent it is recommended for outdoors, sports, fishing, hiking and gardening to protect you for up to six hours from one application. 

The best way to get rid of noseeums and midges is to reduce your 'attractiveness' and repel them in the first place - our many satisfied customer reviews speak for the effectiveness of this cruelty free repellent in all corners of the world.

- Fast, simple, effective, eco-friendly, natural and deet free. 

- Concentrated, totally waterless repellent lotion formula to keep bugs away.

- Easy to apply, fast, effective, great scent, value for money.

- Now available in an easy-to-apply push-up roll-on biodegradable tube.