Candle - Clarity

Clarity | Eucalyptus, Geranium & Black Pepper | 350g

Invite a feeling of positivity and energy into your day with the Clarity luxury candle. Soothing notes of eucalyptus and geranium, blended with the energising aroma of black pepper essential oils. Create a feeling of happiness and good vibes.

Lets' face it, we have all had to look at our world with enhanced clarity this year. This range is perfect for all around the home when you feel like you need to get stuff done.

Scent     Oriental | Floral | Sweet

Fragrance Notes

Top          Eucalyptus, Fresh Orange
Middle    Geranium, Rose, Spices
Base       Black Pepper, Woody Amber

Clarity has a medium scent throw - offering a sweet floral scent.

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