Coconut Bowl & Spoon Set

Over the last few years, coconuts have rocketed in popularity due to their numerous health and beauty benefits. While the coconut milk, flesh, oil and husk are used for a variety of purposes, 98% of coconut shells are disposed of as waste.  This means that millions of discarded shells are burnt each year, releasing harmful CO2 and methane into the atmosphere. 


Taking a zero waste approach, our beautiful coconut bowls are made from reclaimed coconut shells. They've been sanded and polished to a sleek finish with vegan-friendly coconut oil. A product of nature, the bowls each have a unique shape and pattern, but the size is typically around 13-14cm in diameter and 6cm in height.


This set includes 1 x coconut bowl, and 1 x smooth wooden Buddha spoon so you can get stuck into those smoothie bowls straight away! The bowls are also suitable for warm and cold snacks and meals.