conditioner bar

105g bar, come in cases of 8

Solid conditioner bar for Normal hair.
It contains grapefruit essential oil. It improves blood circulation and strengthens the roots. Due to its antimicrobial activity, grapefruit oil keeps infections at bay and gives you healthy scalp and hair. Say goodbye to hair fall!

Solid conditioner bar for dry/damaged hair.
It contains Lavender oil. This natural healing oil is said to promote hair growth, prevent loss, as well as improve scalp circulation and dryness. It also is known to help balance the oils, and relieve itching.

Solid conditioner bar for oily hair.
It contains Ylang Ylang and Basil essential oils. Basil oil is also very effective in eliminating excess oil in the scalp, which can lead to dandruff. Likewise, its antifungal properties can treat existing dandruff and prevent it from recurring. I just love ylang ylang and the two go so well together.

Solid conditioner bar for brittle/heat damaged hair
Made with Monoi de Tahiti oil. Monoi can help stop protein loss in hair which has been shown to help stop breakage. This will help the hair grow longer, stronger and become healthier. It also contains coconut oil and because of this, Monoi oil helps to significantly reduce frizz. Tahitian Monoi oil penetrates the hair shaft, helping the cuticles lay flat and stay smooth. Monoi oil helps add brilliance and shine to the hair. So if you have dry, heat damaged, brittle hair this is the one for you.