Sustainability Toys - Guest Room / Entrance, Bedside Table, Desk, Coffee Table (BBSS0492)



ABOUT: Each soft toy animal has been made using approx 8 x 500ml recycled plastic bottles. This includes the outer plush material and also the fibre fill. All plastic beans have been removed, and the eyes have been embroidered to make this item as eco-friendly as possible. 

PROJECT:  In 2020, we began transitioning it’s products into “Eco-Friendly” plush. The change began by using 100% biodegradable pellets (made from recycled materials).  All of our shipping boxes are made from recycled materials. In the future, we are investing in using poly bags and sourcing recycled J-Hook and Dennison plastic tag pins.

We are saving over 400,000,000 plastic bottles globally on an annual basis, contributing to a greener world by producing all of our plush using eco-friendly materials.

We are humbled to be able to contribute to our environment’s sustainability while delivering smiles to millions of people all over the globe.


    • Squirrel - H 20cm
    • Horse - L 28cm
    • Fox - H 23cm
    • Otter - L 34cm

    MATERIAL: 100% recycled and natural materials (recycled plastic bottles)

    MOQ: 1

    COMPANY BASED IN: United Kingdom


    COUNTRIES SHIPPED TO: United Kingdom

    SUPPLIER: Aurora World