56g bar

This gentle and effective deodorant is sodium bicarbonate free, aluminium free and plastic free. Infused with plant based emollients for easy glide it is a 100% natural and long-lasting deodorant giving you effective protection from body odour.

Unlike traditional antiperspirants which block the skin’s pores, The Solid Bar Company bicarb free deodorants work by inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria - so no nasty chemicals on you and no white marks on your clothes!

Botanical - a subtle patchouli and lavender scent

Frankincense - a subtle frankincense scent

Sweet Orange - a subtle orange scent

Woodland - a subtle cedarwood and vetiver scent


-  Sodium Bicarbonate free deodorant

-  Aluminium free

-  Plastic free

-  Long lasting protection and freshness

-  All natural safe ingredients

-  Vegan and cruelty free