Diffuser - Gratitude

Gratitude | Rock Rose & Sandalwood | 100ml

Daily gratitude practice improves your mental health and is proven to promote optimism, improve your immune system, and increase positive emotions.   

The luxurious Gratitude diffuser creates a feeling of harmony and is perfect to use all around the home to create a positive ambience. The mindfully blended warm and earthy notes of rock rose, Indian sandalwood, and cedarwood help to bring mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and allow for centering.

A perfect way to fragrance your home all day long. These can be paired with your luxury candle to boost the mood or used alone.  

Scent    Woody | Spicy | Earthy

Fragrance Notes

Top         Cardamom, pink pepper, cinnamon
Middle   Citrus, rock rose, lilly, fresia, warm spice
Base       Cedarwood, fig, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, orchid
Finish Cap