Perfect for those of you who have committed to Fabbing and want the ultimate in stylish elegant convenience and have the dispenser in your bathroom /restroom at home or you have a small office/shop/workplace/school and want to bring responsible easy hygienic disposal to the toilet there.

Why a dispenser? 
The dispenser in the cubicle is a game changer. 
Easily available when you need it and no more flushing down the toilet. 
With a poster available for you to pop on the back of the door 'binners' will have something easy to hand and use that is also doing good for the environment and 'flushers' will be curious what it is and avoid flushing down the toilet.

1.4 million pads get flushed down the loo every day. The average pack of pads contains as much plastic as four carrier bags.
2.5 million tampons and 700,000 panty liners get flushed down the loo every day. Most conventional tampons or liners contain plastic.

Everyone wins with the dispenser; the environment, the users, the cleaners!

The dispenser holds up to 40 FabLittleBags (7000 bags in total) at a time and allows for easy smooth and contamination free extraction one bag at time.  Easily sticks to the wall/ cubicle door, or can be drilled in. 
Made from ABS recyclable plastic with anti-microbial coating to enhance hygiene. 


48 per carton

For branded dispensers the Minimum order quantity is 40