Eco Nappies


Super absorbent | Hypoallergenic | Sustainable

better for baby, better for our world and gives back

The award-winning hypoallergenic nappy with premium performance.

*NEW* Super cute animal designs

*NEW* Our improved specification makes us the most accredited eco nappy on the market. We are very proud of our accreditations, which include Dermatest, Allergy Certified, FSC and Carbon Neutral Plant.

*NEW* Now with a flash dry layer to instantly absorb and lock away wetness, keeping baby’s bottom comfortable.

*NEW* Patented channel technology to evenly distribute liquid around the nappy, which means no sagging and up to 12 hour leak protection. 

Size 1: 2-5 kg (4-11 lbs)
Size 2: 4-8 kg (9-18 lbs)
Size 3: 6-10 kg (13-22 lbs)
Size 4: 9-14 kg (20-31 lbs)
Size 5: 11 kg+ (24 lbs+)
Size 6: 14 kg+ (31 lbs+)

One case of 4 packs

MOQ 40 cases (can be part of a bundle with wipes and nappy bags)