Exhale! Decongest Face Toner

EXHALE! Decongest Face Toner - come in sizes of 60ml or 200ml bottles

A stimulating toner that soothes sensitivity and redness, this multi-tasking splash hydrates skin too. Calming and toning, the skin's delicate pH balance is protected with our soap, sulphate, and detergent free formula. The invigorating thirst quencher sweeps over skin, as you soak up its stress relieving essential oil scent.
Exfoliating and improving the appearance of fine lines, age spots, enlarged pores and blemishes, the vitamin C and hyaluronic acid complex offers streamline prep ensuring absorption of further skincare steps. While also removing leftover makeup residue.
Reducing excess sebum while the natural moisture barrier is renewed, you will see and feel a glowing, smooth complexion.