Forest Friendly Tissues

Bless you? Gesundheit? No matter how you say it, these 100% bamboo tissues can handle everything from the strongest sneezes to the softest sniffles. Salud!
Our tissues are strong enough for the biggest sneezes, yet soft enough for the smallest sniffles. We make our tissues with bamboo, and they come in quantities or 12 boxes. While we're all for composting, used snotty tissues can contain harmful bacteria and pathogens - so we recommend just binning them. If you do use a tissue to clean something like a spill, then they're A-OK for composting. Also, remember not to flush our tissues because they're not designed to disperse the way toilet paper does.

- Each box has 65 tissues
- Tissues are 19.5cm x 21.5cm each
- 3 ply strong
- Biodegradable
- No inks, dyes, or scents
Boxes in Pack