Glass Nail File

Glass Nail File 140/2 in Eco-Friendly Kraft Packaging

The number before the slash indicates the length of the product and the number after the slash indicates its thickness.

Glass nail files are similar to paper or steel ones, but they are made of specially treated glass. The abrasive surface of a glass nail file is created by etching and is exceptionally fine and gentle for natural nails. It does not fray the nails and regular use prevents them from breaking.

A glass nail file lasts significantly longer than a paper file. A quality glass nail file will never wear out with normal use. With proper care, it will still look the same as when you brought it from the store.

The sharp microstructure of the sanding surface allows the nail to be filed quickly and gently at the same time. You no longer have to use two types of files, one for rough sawing and the other for cleaning. You can do everything in one go, which saves a lot of time.