Home Compostable Takeaway Box


Disposable Green® has you covered with our brand new range of eco-friendly food safe catering disposables to package and deliver hot and cold food and drink.

Our brand new compostable takeaway boxes are designed to keep your food-to-go safe and warm, whilst having a minimum impact on the environment.

Serve food in sustainable style with our brand new home compostable takeaway boxes.

Made from sustainably-sourced paperboard with PATENTED UNIQUE AQUEOUS LINING, our NEXTGEN  takeaway boxes can be completely composted in the backyard or landfill within 24weeks, unlike PLA, which needs to be sent for Industrial composting. These boxes are stronger than standard paper products, and suitable for hot, wet, cold, or even oily foods.

All our products are designed for the circular economy, they can be composted at home or at a landfill. From nature, back to nature.

Product Features:

100% biodegradable

Home compostable within 24 weeks

Industrially compostable within 12 weeks

Unique aqueous lining

Recyclable and repulpable

Plastic-free packaging


Suitable for hot and cold beverages


Strong edge wicking resistance


Units per Box