Laundry Basket - Guest rooms / Bins and baskets (BBSS0213)


Tossa - Tossa large natural fiber basket
The Tossa collection made from natural fibers is perfect for maintaining order at home, and adding a natural touch to your spaces. Having style among your everyday pieces is possible.

Product size: H 11 cm. W 60,5 cm. D 44,5 cm. Weight 1,25 Kg.

Ingredients or Material: Main material, Natural Fibers . Materials 90% Seagrass, 8% Iron, 2% Fabric. Fabric composition 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester. Main finishing Water based, Powder coated painted.

Product Care:  General warnings. Do not place near direct sources of heat. Keep away from direct solar light. Do not use abrasive products like acetones, bleaches, solvents, etc. Sharp elements can scratch the product surface. Specific use and care instructions. Cold washing (below 40ºC). Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Can be ironed at low temperatures.

Packaging: 100% Carton-Paper

Lead time: 7 and 10 days

Company based in: Spain
Product made in: China
Country of origin: China
Countries shipped to: EU and United Kingdom