Liquid Conditioner

250ml, packaged in a glass bottle with a pump or aluminium cap refill, come in cases of 8

Our range of conditioners nourishes and protects the hair leaving it feeling incredibly hydrated, soft, shiny and frizz free. Its light consistency is both natural and nourishing. It leaves your hair feeling smooth and silky.

Hair Type:

Normal (Argon Oil)
- Using grapefruit essential oil, It improves blood circulation and strengthens the roots. Due to its antimicrobial activity, grapefruit oil keeps infections at bay and gives you healthy scalp and hair. 

Dry (Baobab Oil)- For dry hair -revives and leaves it feeling soft and silky. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit that blooms on baobab trees, some of which can live a thousand years or more. The trees are native to Africa and have thick trunks with thin branches. Thanks to their spidery, root-like arms, they’re often referred to as “upside down trees.”

Oily (Hemp Oil)- Hemp oil can maintain hair’s natural texture and makes the scalp livelier to better support the hair.

Itchy (Marshmallow & Chickweed Oils) - Marshmallow root is great for soothing and relieving your scalp and hair but it’s also super slippery so it’s great for…you guessed it…slip! Slip is the slipperiness of a product and of course the more slip the better as it will help remove tangles, knots and your hair from coiling around itself. Chickweed help relieve an itchy scalp.

Hair Type