Massage and Body Oil

Ayumi Massage and Body Oil - 250ml, quantity of 6

- A cooling and soothing aromatic experience loaded with nutrients essential for healthy skin. Our massage oil contains a unique blend of plant oils that will detoxify the skin by stimulating and improving your circulation and lymph flow. Spearmint oil is known for antimicrobial properties that is blended together with Patchouli, Geranium and Marigold to create a detoxifying experience for the skin.

Muscle - Our aromatic massage oil contains a blend with the botanical powers of anti-inflammatory Ginger and antioxidant rich Clary Sage mixed with Black pepper essential oils. The formulation helps to soothe temporary minor aches and pains, while leaving the skin feeling refreshed. Black pepper is also known to promote circulation and encourage blood flow to the area of pain or swelling which may promote healing.

Sensual - This rich and nourishing massage oil containing Ylang Ylang, TECHNICAL Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Marigold will leave your skin hydrated, silky smooth and delicately perfumed. Sandalwood, known for its sensual, soothing and relaxing properties, may also have an uplifting effect on emotions and help to de-stress. Ylang Ylang has an exotic fragrance and may act as a natural aphrodisiac and combined with anti-inflammatory Cedarwood, this massage oil can be used as a part of your relaxing ritual to reach state of serenity.

Tranquility - This oil creates the ideal ambience for romance while inspiring inner calm and harmony. Containing a blend of calming Lavender, anti-inflammatory Myrrh and uplifting Sandalwood, this product creates a balanced aromatic combination with sedative properties. Our massage oil will help to melt away all the tensions of the day, and can be used to promote a good night’s sleep.