Minted! Brightening Toothpaste Capsules

Toothpaste tablets contain the perfect amount of ‘toothpaste’ in each tablet, without the unnecessary water. Great for environmentally conscious consumers! These tablets contain the main ingredients of a regular toothpaste but have the water removed, meaning you do not have to ship unnecessary water around the world. Sent to brighten your smile, this gently whitening, vegan toothpaste is made with a complex of ten known antioxidants and essential oils the perfect dose of fluoride that support a healthy-looking mouth by reducing plaque and caring for your gums. What's more, they offer a naturally clean and refreshing way of brushing your teeth, formulated with natural ingredients and flavours. Simply, chew, brush and rinse. The naturally foaming effervescent tablets are made from Cream of Tartar and Kaolin Clay. The spearmint oil gives these tablets a gently minty flavour and is a non-artificial blend that promotes long-lasting freshness - a must after a coffee or three.

6 Piece Package