Nappies - Biodegradable


ABOUT: These biodegradable nappies contain 54% less chemicals than standard nappies (and 38% less than other eco-nappies). They have a revolutionary naturally breathable layer, combined with a totally GM free absorbent core to keep the wetness away for up to 12 hours. The soft stretchy panels on both sides and the back accommodate every position for both night and day. They are over 77% biodegradable, (including the packaging). 


  • Mini (Size 1): 2-6kg
  • Midi (Size 2): 5-8kg
  • Maxi (Size 3): 7-11kg
  • Maxi Plus (Size 4): 9-15kg
  • Junior (Size 5): 15-19kg
  • XL (Size 6): 16kg+

PACKAGING: Biodegradable packaging

MATERIAL: The breathable inner sheet is made with natural cotton and GM free cornstarch fibres woven into a soft fabric sheet. The absorbent layer is made primarily from 'fluff' (very finely shredded paper, which has the consistency of cotton wool). Intermingled with the 'fluff' are tiny balls of 'gel' (a mixture of biodegradable gel, made from GM free cornstarch and standard gel). The breathable back sheet is also made from soft weave cotton and cornstarch material. The velcro-style fasteners are made from polypropylene; a 'clean plastic'.

MOQ: 10


  • Mini (Size 1) - 22 nappies
  • Midi (Size 2) - 38 nappies
  • Maxi (Size 3) - 33 nappies
  • Maxi Plus (Size 4) - 29 nappies
  • Junior (Size 5) - 25 nappies
  • XL (Size 6) - 21 nappies

COMPANY BASED IN: United Kingdom