Natural Deodorant - Tin

We've had quite a few requests to offer our best-selling natural deodorant balm in a here it is! These 100g tins are great value for money, and you can even use the tin to store shampoo bars or soap when it's empty.


Each deodorant balm is handmade in small batches and comes in a reusable tin - an eco-friendly alternative to so many plastic deodorant tubes that sit in landfill for decades (after all, only 9% of plastic ends up being recycled). To use, rub the desired amount on your fingers and apply to your underarms. A pea-sized amount is usually about right!


As with all Battle Green cosmetic products, our deodorant balm is PETA certified vegan friendly and cruelty free. It also contains none of the harmful ingredients found in many commercial deodorants and antiperspirants such as aluminium, parabens, or synthetic colours and fragrances. Antiperspirants contain aluminum to prevent us from sweating, but this is a completely natural and healthy way of cooling down and releasing toxins from the body. Our balm therefore won't stop sweating, but will help to kill the bacteria that causes bad odours, absorb sweat, and leave soft, naturally-scented armpits in its wake (thanks to organic shea butter and essential oils)!