Pantyliners and Wipes Bundle

Natural ingredient pantyliners -

  • Suitable for a super light flow
  • These Ultra-Thin Liners are highly effective, comfortable and discreet
  • They feature a 100% cotton coversheet (First Grade Cotton), making them hypo-allergenic and perfect for women with sensitive skin
  • They are perfect for discharge between periods or very light flow
  • Natural product

Cleansing hygiene wipes (individually wrapped) -

  • Cleaning wipe for the private parts of women/others.
  • A healthy and natural alternative to feminine intimate hygiene products.
  • Certified organic formula with aloe vera and chamomileEXTRA SWEET, for optimal respect for the intimate flora. Formula also enriched with Bioecolia, a patented prebiotic that restores the balance of the intimate flora.
  • Our wipes are the first zero waste: 100% biodegradable, 100% disposable in the toilets (certified by EDANA, an association aiming to respect wastewater) 
  • packaged in individual bags of 100% recyclable paper.
  • Suitable for daily use. Made in France.

Bundle of 3 - three pantyliners and three wipes
Bundle of 5 - five pantyliners and five wipes
Bundle Size