Passion Coffee

10 pods in a pack - come in quantities of 30 packs

These Nespresso®-compatible compostable coffee pods are fully biodegradable. They contain no harmful plastic or aluminium and are made completely from plant-based materials. Once used, you can throw the whole capsule into your general waste or food waste collection bin! 

A pack contains 10 fully compostable and biodegradable Nespresso-compatible capsules of roast and ground coffee. These sustainable Nespresso®-compatible capsules are compatible with all classic Nespresso® machines.

The fully compostable and biodegradable capsules keep the coffee in a protective atmosphere to maintain the quality and delicious flavours of the coffee. Always keep coffee capsules in a cool, dry space and keep them away from excessive heat and cold temperatures. 



Classic - A blend of some of the finest hand selected coffees from South America and Africa combined to create a wonderfully robust flavour from a deep, dark roast.

Decaf - A special decaf blend for those that want a coffee that packs a punch without keeping them up all night. Cleanly decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method so we lose the caffeine but keep all the flavour.

Colombian - A well-balanced medium roast with a bold, vibrant taste, the unmistakable characteristics of a quality Colombian Arabica single origin. Rich in flavour, warmth, and body, you’ll detect dark chocolate and berry tasting notes with a hint of delicate sweetness. 

Decaf Colombian - These 100% Arabica Colombian coffee beans are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method, which means the coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free while maintaining the coffee’s distinct flavours and aromas. 

Bold Ristretto - Made with a unique blend of quality Colombian and Ugandan beans. The Colombian is characterised by rich fragrances of liquorice, caramel and chocolate. The Ugandan gives a hazelnut aromas with a slight hint of cherry fruit.