Hate single use, but love freedom? Introducing the Pebble by OTHERWARE. Cutlery that works great, and is great for the planet. Just clip on your Pebble and you’re ready for anything. With a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks and a straw, you’re ready for the food truck pad thai, a salad in the park or an iced coffee at your desk.


The Standard Pebble comes in a mash of pop colours made to catch the eye. 

The ‘Triple Yellow’ limited edition featuring an all-yellow case and utensils, with gold carabiner and utensil heads, to highlight once again the support of YELLOW, INC., a non-profit foundation established by Pharrell Williams, whose mission is to even the odds for all kids through education.


The ’Triple Black’ features a sleek and elegant tone-on-tone treatment, while keeping the original form and function.

Weighing the same as a smartphone, each Pebble comes with a custom clip to hang your Pebble from a belt loop or bag strap. Each utensil can hang solo off the clip too, for times you only need a fork or spoon.


The case is "made from music" from recycled CDs, the handles from recycled food packaging and the tips are anodised titanium coated steel, to give the unique coloured utensil heads. The Pebble is also re-recyclable at the end of life. Just disassemble and add to your local recycling, or better yet, trade-back to us so we can make new things


·       Dishwasher safe

·       Includes a knife, fork, spoon, straw and chopsticks

·       Case comes with a carabiner-style clip and lanyard for easy carrying

·       Weighs 175g (including accessories)

·       Made with recycled polypropylene, polycarbonate and steel

·       Case is 105mm x 52mm x 54mm