Beautiful handmade pendants from 100% recycled plastic. Each pendant comes on a plastic-free, waxed cotton cord with a sliding knot. The pendants can be worn between 37-74cm by adjusting the knot. Each pendant comes in a hand-stamped presentation box, with information about your chosen pendant.

Choose from 4 different styles. Each style is representative of a traditional Māori icon and has it’s own meaning behind it:

  • The Koru depicts an unfolding fern frond. It symbolises new beginnings, growth and harmony.

  • The Hei-Matau or ‘Fish Hook’ depicts abundance, strength and determination. It is also said to be a good luck charm for those journeying over water.

  • The Pikorua or ‘Twist’ symbolises the joining together of two people or spirits. It is also said to represent life’s eternal paths.

  • The Wera or ‘Whale Tail’ represents a respect for the sea and the life within. It is a guardian symbol, providing protection for those travelling.

These pendants have been something we have wanted to make ever since we spent time in New Zealand. We have huge respect and admiration for the Māori culture and we want to recognise the importance of the origin of these symbols.

We have worked hard to source completely plastic-free packaging and shipping materials. We encourage you to keep and reuse these wherever possible. Please consider returning any of our products to us at the end of their life, no matter what state they are in, so that we can re-shred and melt them into something new.