Shampoo & Soap Bag

Extend the life of your bars with this biodegradable saver bag. Use it to store little bits and pieces of foaming bars such as solid shampoo barsface cleanser bars or bodywash bars, or simply pop a whole bar in to keep it nice and dry between uses.

Made with sisal, a natural fibre from the agave plant, this mesh bag makes for a great gentle exfoliator too - and is compostable!

For hair: take your bar out of the bag to use on your hair, (friction from the bag can cause hair damage). Pop the bar back in after use for easy drying.

For face & body exfoliation: pop your bar (or pieces) inside the bag and secure with the drawstring. Wet the bag and massage across your skin for extra exfoliation and lots of lather. Hang after use to allow the bag and bar(s) to dry thoroughly. Handwash your bag between bar refills to keep it clean.