Slippers (Biodegradable) - Cotton

ABOUT: These are fully Biodegradable Slippers  - the eco friendly option for your guests. The slippers are given an extra layer of padding for added comfort in the uppers and the sole. The slippers are fully recyclable, unlike others on the market that may have a synthetic lining.

  • Natural cotton padding
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • The sole uppers are made with natural cotton 
  • Brushed cotton lining on the inside
  • Biodegradable bags and the slippers can be put in your food waste bin
  • Available in boxes of 100

SIZE: One size (up to 28cm)

PACKAGING: Individually packaged in a biodegradable corn starch bag

MATERIAL: 100% cotton, with natural Coir soles (coconut fibre extracted from the husk of coconut

MOQ: 10

COMPANY BASED IN: United Kingdom

COUNTRIES SHIPPED TO: United Kingdom and Europe