Ayurvedic Soap

The luxurious natural handmade Ayurvedic soaps are popular for their long-lasting fragrance. All our soaps are made with virgin coconut oil and a unique blend of essential oils that will awaken your senses. 


Rainforest- A vetivert soap, which gives a natural cooling effect. Ingredients like vetivert, and hydnocarpus wightiana are used widely in Ayurveda.
Curcuma - Harnesses turmeric’s natural antibacterial properties. Wild turmeric is widely recognised as a medicinal herb with strong antibiotic properties.
Kewra - Has an invigorating and rejuvenating oriental floral scent.
Yogi - Benefits from the unique properties of Ayurveda’s most esteemed botanicals (neem and tulsi).

Packaged in either a handmade shell made from the leaf of areca palm tree, or a paper box. Come in quantities of 6, with each bar approx. 100g.