Sponge (Organic)


ABOUT: This beautifully soft, natural sponge expands when wet and is ideal for a gentle bath. Suitable for newborn and sensitive skin, this organic sea sponge for creates a wonderful lather, quickly and with every type of soap, both liquid and bar.

It is advisable to wash your organic sea sponge regularly to prevent soap build-up... Soak in a bowl of water with a little vinegar for a couple of hours and then shake out and leave to dry - as good as new!


  • Small - varies between 3-3.5 inches across
  • Large -  varies between 4-4.5 inches across

MATERIAL: Organically-grown and sustainably harvested from the Mediterranean Sea around the the Greek Islands. Each sponge is hand-picked from the stem, leaving the colony to flourish. When harvested, all sponges are a dark brown. After undergoing an oxygen bleach process the brown colour fades away and a yellow sponge is revealed.

MOQ: 10

COMPANY BASED IN: United Kingdom