Surface Sprays

Boxes per Pack

3 bottles in a box, come in packs of 30 boxes.

Available to buy as 3 bottles and 3 tablets (includes multi-purpose, bathroom and glass & mirror bottles and a tablet for each spray) or 6 refill tablets (3x multi-purpose tablets, 2x bathroom tablets and 1x glass & mirror tablet).

The concentrated surface sprays are just as effective as the leading brands. Using technology, the uniquely formulated tablets dissolve in warm water to deliver exceptional cleaning throughout your home.

The concentrated tablets stop the wasteful transport of water seen in the leading brands. Simply dissolve in warm water for brilliant results.

You can also wave goodbye to single-use plastic; just buy the bottle once then keep and re-use it forever. The boxes are Forest Stewardship Council approved, and they are 100% recyclable too.